Rocket League Hitboxes

A searchable, sortable table that shows which Battlecar has which hitbox.

UPDATED 2021-10-06 - Added 007's Aston Martin Valhalla hitbox info

UPDATED 2021-08-11 - Added Outlaw hitbox info

UPDATED 2021-08-08 - Added 007’s Aston Martin DB5 hitbox info. Sorry about the previous ommission. Shout out to Grantimus on twitch for the heads-up.

UPDATED 2021-08-03 - Added Dingo hitbox info

UPDATED 2021-05-19 - Added Formula 1® 2021 hitbox info

UPDATED 2021-05-06 - Added all NASCAR hitbox info (Camaro, Camry, Mustang)

UPDATED 2021-04-21 - Added Lamborghini Huracán STO hitbox info

Model Hitbox

made by Jake Achée, AKA Tempeszt.